Our Services


One of our core services is the preparation of financial statements and auditing for private companies, partnerships, self-employed clients and non-profits, for the tax authorities. The financial statements preparation process sheds light on all the financial management of the business that is subject to the tax laws, including reporting on: income versus expenditure, checking bank balances, various expenditures such as payments to suppliers, rent, social benefit contributions for employees etc.

The painstaking work of preparing the financial statements

Our Audit and Financial Statements Department specializes in preparing every component of the report. The audit process is well-structured and delves into minute detail, based on an orderly audit plan that is prepared with the aim of producing compliant financial statements that show transparency for the tax authorities.

Our team of CPAs is highly skilled at collecting information from hundreds of clients and filing the financial statements in time for the deadlines set by the tax authorities. We show great sensitivity when we identify problems in the reports. This is a task that requires many parameters to be weighed and considered in order to produce a clear and accurate report.

Our finger on the pulse

Any company’s or organization’s financial activities develop and change from month to month, and our finger is on the pulse throughout this process, so that we can alter advance payments made for income tax and National Insurance. This is in order to avoid a situation where clients end the year having accumulated unexpected debts to the tax authorities. Sometimes we err on the side of caution and advise our clients to make higher advance payments, so as to receive refunds at the end of the year.

Due Diligence 

The Audit Department is also responsible for performing due diligence that provides financial reports and an overall financial picture usually prior to the acquisition of a business or to secure credit. During the due diligence process, we review the financial statements of the business under scrutiny, looking at its assets, liabilities, total credit, legal situation, and other areas. This process provides the client with crucial information for making decisions that are not always apparent during negotiations that do not include due diligence, and is therefore a critical step for the business.