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Payroll Services

The Payroll Services Department is responsible for producing monthly salary slips for our clients and their employees. Employee salaries are of great importance both to the employee and to the employer, and our Payroll Services Department operates in this area with the utmost professionalism and sensitivity.

Every salary slip is a world of its own

We make sure to fully understand all the details that are included in the employee’s salary slip – the hours worked, d’mei havra’ah (“recreation”) payments, annual leave days, pension and severance contributions, and income tax and national insurance payments. Every salary slip is calculated with care and precision by qualified and experienced payroll professionals who produce more than 1,000 salary slips a month.

Execution and information

Our Payroll Services Department substantially alleviates the burden from the client and provides its employees with detailed and precise monthly salary slips, while at the same time presenting the client with an overall picture – their total costs that they need to pay to the different state institutions and various funds.
We remind you about the “little things” – those details that, if forgotten, will ultimately cost you dearly…
For example, we make sure that after the first three months of employment, you start paying pension contributions.

We provide you with a back-up network – advice on employment law

As part of the firm’s holistic approach, the Payroll Services Department provides you with a service beyond the standard salary calculations. We’re aware that the employer-employee relationship is a complex one, and we provide you with a full range of professional expertise with legal advice in this field. Employment law advice includes preparing employment agreements, obtaining advice from a lawyer when dismissing an employee, and commissioning expert legal opinions when disputes arise.