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US Taxation - Real Estate Tax

EMCA offers a range of accountancy services to business owners and companies active in the United States that are required to report to the American tax authorities (the IRS).

With one foot in Israel that includes an Israeli office specializing in all relevant aspects of American taxation, and one foot in the United States, in our New York office, we offer a full suite of services including choosing the method of incorporation as a US company, audit services, bookkeeping, payroll services, financial statements preparation and an economic department.

Incorporation and setting up an American company (LLC)

Incorporation as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) provides the advantages of being a company with limited liability while also enjoying the tax benefits of a partnership. In an LLC, there are no shares as in a limited company; instead, there are “units” and the holders of the units are called “members.” There is no board of directors in an LLC, and the subject of ownership is more flexible than in a limited company.
Incorporation as an LLC enables a business to define its income, thereby receiving certain tax benefits. Establishing an LLC is vital for anyone wishing to operate in the real estate, hi-tech or commercial spheres in the United States.

Incorporation as an LLC in the United States gives business people legal protection so that they are not personally involved in the event of various crises that are liable to happen in the company, including the ever-increasing culture of litigation against businesses in the United States.
We offer the option to register online as an LLC via our secure system.
It is important that we know the type of activity that you are involved in as there are other incorporation options that may be more suitable, such as a corporation, an S-corporation, a limited liability company, a general partnership or a sole proprietorship. Choosing the right kind of incorporation is one of Marcovich Cohen’s areas of expertise, and the service is offered at the most competitive of prices.

Process of setting up an American company

In most cases, the company will be set up within 24-48 hours, such as in Illinois, Michigan and Florida. If you wish to set up a company within 24 hours, in most cases and states there is an express service for which you will be charged an additional fee. Usually, the owner of the company does not have to be present when the company is established, and the signature can be sent by e-mail. However, some states in the United States require one of the owners of the company to be present to sign (note that this is very rare). An owner of an LLC can be a partner or owner of another LLC. Also, an Israeli company or a foreign company can be owners of an LLC, or partners in an LLC, but it is important to consult a tax adviser to understand the tax implications for an Israeli or foreign company in the United States.
Need to set up a company/bank account in the United States? Find more information at EMCA’s llc today site.