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US Taxation– American Citizens

Our US Taxation Department has a staff of ten employees in Israel and fifty in the United States. If you’re a US citizen living in Israel, you are surely aware that you are required by law to file an annual return with the US tax authorities – the IRS. Israeli companies and self-employed clients operating in America are also obligated to file a detailed return every year.


US Taxation – Real Estate Tax

Incorporating as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) has the advantages of being a company with limited liability while also enjoying the tax benefits of a partnership. In an LLC, there are no shares as in a limited company instead there are “units” and the holders of the units are called “members.” In an LLC, there is no board of directors, and ownership is more flexible than in a limited company. Incorporation as an LLC enables a business to define its income, thereby receiving certain tax benefits. 


Payroll Services

We provide a personalized service to businesses and companies that are active in the United States. Together we build the bridge that facilitates international business success, and give our clients the confidence to move forward within clear boundaries, even in less familiar territory, while we keep a close eye on all financial aspects of their business.



One of the core services that we provide is the preparation of financial statements and auditing for private and public companies, partnerships, self-employed clients and non-profits, for the tax authorities. The financial statements preparation process sheds light on all the financial management of the business that is subject to the tax laws



Bookkeeping is part of our core activities at Eshel Marcovich Cohen Aminov. Our Bookkeeping Department employs a dedicated team of six professionals, who are responsible for collecting and sorting through all the information required for the monthly bookkeeping. Using this paperwork, we produce VAT, income tax and National Insurance reports.


Economic Department- Coming soon