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US Taxation - Citizens Tax Returns

Our expertise at EMCA is US and Canadian taxation. Our US Taxation Department comprises 10 people in Israel and 50 in the United States.

Do you need US taxation advice?
If you are a US citizen living in Israel, you are no doubt aware that you’re legally required to file an annual return with the US tax authorities – the IRS. Israeli self-employed clients and Israeli companies operating in America are also required to file a detailed return every year.

A home from home on the other side of the world
We provide personalized service to self-employed individuals and businesses that are active in the US. Together we build the bridge that facilitates international business success, and give our clients the confidence to move forward within clear boundaries, even in less familiar territory, while we keep a close eye on all financial aspects of their business.

It’s important to know the rules of the game
The US tax system is different from the Israeli tax system and it is important to understand its nuances. In the United States, the tax authorities treat foreign companies with courtesy and respect; however, if the reporting is not done professionally and reliably, one can pay a heavy price. Every American citizen is obligated to report his international income once a year – salary, passive income, interest, dividends, rental income etc. In addition, every American citizen with a bank account outside the United States is required to file a report called an FBAR.

A winning combination.
Our offices in Israel and the United States provide our clients with an all-around service, using both American and Israeli CPAs. This service deals with both the big picture and the small details for clients and companies that are active in both Israel and the United States. Our firm currently services thousands of companies and self-employed clients.

Our US Taxation Department has three sub-divisions:

  • Tax Division – Provides tax advice, preparation and filing of annual returns to the tax authorities in the United States.

  • Audit Division – Responsible for everything from managing the accounting system to representing companies to banks.

  • Financial Control Division – Includes bookkeeping and payroll services for businesses and companies that are active in the United States.